Rose Water Toner

Radiance Rose Water Toner

for normal, dry, and sensitive skin


Rose Water Toner not only smells beautiful, but it has wonderful healing properties too.  With naturally occurring antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, rose water has been used for centuries.


Rose Water for your Face and Body


Rose water tones your face by balancing your skin’s natural oils reducing redness, cleansing, hydrating and firming your skin for an overall smoother looking face.


Great to use all over your body, rose floral water is soothes, cools, heals and is gentle, making it excellent for both dry and sensitive skin types. Its antiseptic properties help to prevent acne and pimples from developing. 


The naturally occurring antioxidants in rose water toner have been proven to help strengthen your skin cells and regenerate the tissue which may help people with rosacea, blemishes, dark spots, and sun damage.

Rose Water Toner