Multi Function Laser Machine & Training

The course covers everything you need perform all the treatments to the highest of standards.

Following the full training you will be given CPD Certificates in the following treatments to use on your clients.

✓ Hair Removal

✓ Thread Vein Removal

✓ Skin Rejuvenation

✓ Acne Removal

✓ Skin Tightening

✓ Carbon Doll Facial

✓ Pigmentation Removal

✓ Health and Safety

✓ Complications

✓ Radiofrequency

Laser Machine Voyager 20 is the machine.

• Super hair removal

• Radio Frequency

• Tattoo Removal Machine

• E light OPT IPL

• Carbon doll peeling

Hair removal

✓ OPT Optimal pulse technology for fast hair removal

✓ IPL Intense pulse light for hair removal, vascular thread vein therapy, acne therapy with three different filters.

✓ Treats all hair colours including light and fine hair (The machine covers all hair types and skin but due to OPT for fast hair removal it may not be suitable for very dark skin tones

✓ Amazing 1000000 shots

System also covers

✓ Freckle and age spot removal

✓ Skin rejuvenation

✓ Acne

✓ Thread vein, facial flushing

✓ Tattoo washing, shrink facial pores and oil control

RF for face and body

✓ 3 heads for Cold system

✓ Wrinkle removal

✓ Face lifting

✓ Skin tightening

Tattoo Removal for

All colour tattoo removal with three different probes

✓ Including the amazing carbon doll facial

✓ Eyebrow tattoo

✓ Body tattoo

✓ Deep red blue and black pigment removal

✓ Also removes light colour browns and pinks

✓ Lip lines

Entry Requirements: No previous beauty experience needed suitable for complete beginners.

Multi Function Laser Machine & Training

£5,999.00 Regular Price
£4,999.00Sale Price

At Bellissimo Beauty Training Academy we operate on a non-refundable deposit - therefore if you pay your deposit and no longer wish to take the course, you will lose your deposit.

In individual cases, we may be able to transfer you on to another course should you wish to still continue yet can no longer make the initial date you had booked on to.

The remaining balance is due no later than 2-4 weeks prior to the course date. Once payment is made in full note all courses are non refundable